Course Description

From what you need to know before adding an offer to the TUNE Partner Marketing Platform to setting up specific targeting logic to hit specific users, this module is the first stop in getting to know TUNE. Learn about the basic offer details that are included in every offer built in to the system, and try building one yourself. You'll also learn how to generate tracking for the offer, manage publisher access, track payout and revenue, and upload creative files.

After reviewing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand what information is required for adding an offer.
  • Set up goals and payouts for your offers and network.
  • Add creative files to your offers for publishers to download and deliver.
  • Configure your offers to target a desired audience.
  • Employ additional offer features TUNE includes.

Training Specialist

Jeff Olliver

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Offer Basics

    • Know Your Offer

    • Offer Details

    • Offer URLs

    • Tracking Settings

    • Partner Access

    • Generate Tracking

    • Knowledge Check

  • 2

    Payout, Revenue, & Goals

    • Offer Payouts

    • Offer Goals

    • Payout Tiers

    • Conversion & Budget Caps

    • Knowledge Check

  • 3

    Creative Files

    • Creative Files

  • 4


    • Geo-targeting Offers

    • City Targeting

    • Advanced Targeting

  • 5

    Targeting Logic

    • Advanced Targeting for Offers

    • Creating Custom Rules

    • Regular Expressions